Announcement: The results of Wingword Poetry Competition have been declared.

Melting Mermaid

Mansi Lubhana

Deep down beneath the emerald sea;
Lived a mermaid in state of glee..
No foe no traitorous piece of bog,
She wages on her travelogue..
Rosy cheeks and Snowy face;
No frown on it she hath to trace..
Beauty of unworldly measure;
Her pounding heart was kept in treasure..
Soaked in a babyish delight;
Staring the alluring form had been a gleaming sight..
Her golden locks falling like rope;
Far away she reclined from a land of hope..
Land where people greedily wander;
Absence in solitude didn't make her fonder..
Weaving a yarn away from worldly abode of hate and love;
She sought rejuvenation like a sweet dove..
Womanly curvy body with a tail of fish;
Yearning to bring her out was the Moon's wish..
Clad in black he hatched a plot;
Her unblemished heart was his winning spot..
Beaming in the sky of joy;
Avaricious moon craved her heart like any other toy..
One charcoal night she stared out with her eyes steely grey;
Rolling storm blazed out at the bay..
The moon smirked as their eyes set;
For she felt entrapped as both horizons met..
Moon embraced the mermaid in his arms;
For she was clutched in his beaming charms..
The night ceased and the day broke;
The moon left her alone in the midnight stroke..
Bruised, her heart wailed a tale of betray;
For the moon did not love her to stay..
She craved for the moon and his love again;
The moon never came back and left in her a hearty stain.

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