Matters of the Heart

Sreejon Nandy Mazumdar

The heart wants what it wants;

Or so they say, feigning justification.

And true as it may be,

It leaves a trail of utter desolation.

Follow your heart, they say;

For it holds desires, undoubtedly true.

But the mind does wander,

Lost amongst the emotions in this milieu.

And on a sleeve, the heart

doth lay, fluttering in this lovestruck breeze.

Like a wee butterfly,

Wings poised to let it soar across the skies with ease.

And so it does, soar far

Beaming with unbridled positivity,

Unaware of what lay;

Dismembered by fate’s frigid ferocity.

Lifeless, rigid, it falls

Sinking down into the depths of one's despair.

Burned to ashes it lay,

To be reborn from its tears, gasping for air.

So the cycle goes on,

As we keep letting ourselves be ripped apart

And stitched back up, just to

fall back down; Such are the matters of the heart.


  • Really great! I’m sure many people will relate to it…

    Johannah Marbaniang
  • Liked the way you compared the heart and mind… It is very rare when both comes to a point… But when it does not, we have to choose any one and carry on…

    Jay Debnath
  • Great poem, keep writing! ?


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