Making Love to You

Jean H. Dmello

I make love to your name 

As I move my fingers,

Across the letters that 

Make you, you! 

I sigh, I whisper

I pause;

And I go again making music

On your lips, 

Stained in nicotine 

Broken into parts,

As I pin you down

You look me in the eye

You see my heart 

Skipping a beat 

You feel the heat 

I blow hot

I blow cold 

Comfortable in your hold

In silence, sharing stories untold 

I tug the strands

Of your curls, 

I pull them hard

To hear you moan 

You sigh;

And you go high, 

As I go low 

We are fire and flame,

No lies no game

You are you and I am the same

I take you in 

I throw you out 

Dancing in ecstasy of the desire of our souls 

You on me and I on you 

We roll 

Breathing in rhythm 

Out of sync at times 

Harmonizing in the end 

Tracing the path down your eyes 

Burning in passion of our animalistic urges 

Dew and droplets 

Of the sweat that trickles down

On a sultry night. 

We are ocean 

We are fire on the seashore 

Clasping tight 

There's no wrong here, no right 

You are mine 

And I am yours 

As time ticks, the chemistry clicks 

And you are done and so am I 

Staring at the ceiling 

Looking at the starlit night 

We hold hands 

And pass out to fly 

We dream together now.

Only tomorrow you may be gone;

But right here and right now, 

I am yours 

And you are mine.


  • Cigarettes and sex- what a sinful yet magical combination!

  • “We are fire and flame,

    No lies no game

    You are you and I am the same"

    So passionate, yet ‘real’.

    Srija Kundu

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