Make me complete

By Krishna Dawda

His bride, she was

In love and for life

Ensouled in body and spirit

Oh, the ecstatic joy!

Breathing heavy,

Under his sturdy frame.

Make me complete……. was her call for the night.


His friend she became,

In the course of time,

Amidst the gaiety and palmy span

 And the bubbling bliss of a new clan,

The sweet incense

Of a blooming liaison

Make me complete…. was her seek for the time.


 To a ‘bahu’ she ripened,

In years of adapting

To rigmaroles of traditions and endless customs

The provider, the contributor

And a benevolent caterer

 The mirror reflecting a debilitated form

Make me complete……… was her plea to her clan.


 To her soul mate, she bared

The spill of her heart,

The vacuity, the dismals

Of a contemptible life,

The pining for an alcove,

The bouts of wistfulness,

Make me complete……. was her cry in a sigh!


To his consort, he retorted,

Your wretched gear

And tousled mane,

Oh, the offensive stench

Of a stodgy homemaker,

Give me way, my paramour waits,

Let me free…… was his holler across the way!


Her friend she became,

With the infinite self,

Identifying her true worth,

In an orbit of solitude,

With the Divine Source,

Unraveling her potency,

Make me complete………… was her orison to the Lord!


To the gentle lady, HE responded,

The beauty of your pristine spirit,

The grace of your soft frame,

The selfless surrender,

 Of a loyal better half,

You are what it makes to be

An angel in Paradise,

You are more than complete……. take MY word for that!


  • Nicely expressed with deep love and truth

  • Want to read more of ur poems dear Krishna, all the best

    Pushpa Asarpota
  • Admirable work


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