Make Happy


Can I capture happiness, the way

A painter captures a beautiful scenic day?

Attempting to evoke all goodness known.

Clear skies from the finest blue acrylic paint

With soft wash white strokes of cool wind

Swaying the rich greens of impasto grass

Shaded by cotton clouds above film, shaped

By skilled hands, glazed by yellow sunlight.

Canvas traction inside the deckle edge, has

Immortalized, by eyes capturing the palette,

A veduta brushed into the painter’s soul.


What does it mean to write about my happiness?

When differing reports signify it’s presences.

A shelter-hole during a vicious hurricane

Glooms our spirit when it’s ugly depths

Sit on pastures devoid of drought-lands.

When blinded by vivid visible spectrums,

The blackest of inks becomes my guide.

Reminded that I can not just stroll when asked

To dance to human instruments of duality.

My parched searching for happiness quenched

In the darkest of abyss by a drenched heart.

A writer with a passion for storytelling. Has experience as a freelance content writer and aims to work as a screenwriter in the Filmmaking industry. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Horticulture (for day job purposes) and pursuing a master's in English Literature (career purposes).

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