Lust of Dreams

Anitta Cheeran

A girl dreams....
Of singing aloud until her throat breaks
Of flying high until her wings get tired
Of making all jealous until her last breath
Of shaping herself as a saint until she commits sin!
           But soon, the alarm interrupts
           Again,the dawn has come
            She keeps all her lustful            
Safe under her blanket,
Just to dream it again tonight! 


  • ❤ Ani ❤ Nicely done

    Geoffrey Jaison Tharakan
  • Words of a person with lots of dreams..! Good work..!

  • Good One… Touching … Ani

    Joseph Kiran George
  • thankyou Devdatt!

    Anitta Cheeran
  • I like these kind. Short and sweet.
    Waiting for more.

    Devdatt Thengdi

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