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Saim Khan

She was far from what she wanted,
Away from the sea,
Of her lusty desires and so was I
Packed in my cage, of control and rage,
Walking with shaky feet.
We both engage in each other's eyes
To see the other drink ourselves,
In the dripping rain.

How quick it was when the glances exchanged,
And past a few minutes,
When the glasses exchanged
How the lips were a disguise
To the pretty talking eyes
Before my fingers entwined
And groped her thigh.

She felt the skin crawling,
As I went underneath,
And clasped her lips shut with mine,
Before she could breathe,
How magical it was,
When she felt me in her skin,
How warm had I felt, with my tongue on her lips.

For we fled all the eyes,
To the alley down the line,
With palms clasped, and breaths of gin
And cold breeze against our warm skin.

When I clasped her bosom,
And grabbed her rear
As she moaned and purred,
With her love in the air,
As I tongued her needs,
And she pulled me in,
There were no more covers,
Just beasts, skin to skin.

Each stroke was her heaven,
Each lick was my rage,
For her locks in my palm,
Were the reins to my mare,
Chest to chest, tongue to tongue,
How my rage had surrendered,
And her reign had begun,
With her legs around my waist,
And her teeth around my chin,
Dripping wet, of lust and sweat,
She raored with her breath,
Louder than the breeze.

No names to moan, no thoughts to keep,
No worries to care for, no regrets to weep,
As she felt her bosom and bit her own lips,
Her eyes rolled backwards, when I pushed it too deep.

For the beast thay I was, my end was near,
Like a howl at the moon, I breathed in her flair,
For the wolf of his rage, was no longer inside,
And her moaning beloved, like a phoenix she would rise,

With her memories of desires, and my fire satiated
I kissed her forehead, and goodbye to this moment,
As she kept looking for a turn, a little smile,
The zipped up wolf, had packed his compassion,
To howl at another moon,
On another lusty night.


This work has been published in Beetle Magazine's June 2020 Issue. Read the full issue here:

Illustration by Dhanashree Pimputkar


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