I was waiting- the girl in blue.

Waiting for my man- my eyes were all for you.

You strode past them

Didn’t even look their way.

Dressed in a tuxedo

You were here to slay.

You bent down on your knee

With a few choice words to say.



My breath caught, my heart in my mouth

I didn’t know how to react,

Should I cry or shout.

Your mesmerizing eyes would have done the deal

But these words got our destinies sealed-

“When tonight we dance

Just catch my glance

To redefine

The word ‘Romance’ “



I was stunned and beyond crazy.

You were not my knight, but just my baby.

It might sound silly, it might sound cheesy.

But falling in love was never this easy.



  • Excellent use of words! Great work!
    Loved it?

  • I always knew you would do something great in your life, my dear.
    Such a marvellous piece! You defined love in a beautiful way. Keep up the good work, my dear!

  • Very nicely written. Specially the use of words to express the beautiful feeling of love is very nice.

    Ankush Batra
  • Really deep and touched the heart . ?

  • Overwhelming! ❤

  • Wow,just now,i am stunned.I loved it. Very nicely written. Your choice of words and the flow were both nicely done as well as the structure. Amazing job. Keep up the outstanding work.??

  • A very young-age , chirpy love defined with right use of words.. good work Kalra ??

  • Oh Wow Divyani, ur “Ehsaas” is soo soo romantic, I’m such a fan, give me ur autograph, after reading this “I was stunned and beyond crazy”. Please write some poetry personally for me! :3 :3

    Kunal D
  • Well done?

  • Fantastic and heart touching poems especially the words it just hit me deeply….Love this keep it up !

    Mona Luthra
  • That line though "When tonight we dance

    Just catch my glance

    To redefine

    The word ‘Romance’ "

  • Great work!!

    Siddharth kalra
  • Great work! It is a beautiful poem. You defined “Love” very beautifully.

    Papiha Kalra

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