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Love Was Never Mine

By Komal Kiran

Icy wind flew, 
Holding haziness.
Frozen sky above, 
And limpid gems 
On turfs below.
Yes! That December night,
On track of loneliness 
I stood beneath 
The blinking stars;
Longing for love,
Love that belonged 
To the descendent son, 
And was never mine, 
For I was daughter.
I screamed within,
But silenced out
Isolated again 
From my family, 
Ruled by patriarch. 


  • Your poetry is packed and yet profound. Great work!

  • heart touching poetry….love you dear…THE POET AND HER POETRY???

    neha bharti
  • Wow what a wonderful poetry.. I love it..

    Victor Debbarma
  • Wonderful lines sis..!!

    Alika prakash

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