Love that fell into the ocean

By The one that made you paper planes 

Oh pretty boy, I did reply
not thinking much over, guess I was still getting over my loneliness
You started a conversation and I replied
I will always count it as my best decision
we played a little game of questionnaire 
and you asked for my number
I never knew we would end up a year later into this ocean
surrounded by sharks and isolation
how easily your words hold me close and 
your pictures kiss me goodnight
I loved and loved and love you
that I always will
you're my broken mirror, the little poems that hold your name
you tell me about your past and how it haunts our future
your drunk love is the only thing I know
but remember honey, I wish to be right next to you
I wish we fall in love
in a home that is ours, in a bed that is mine and yours
I wish I could save you from all these haunting nights
both of us are scared of the sunlight
I know we are perfect the moment I realized
that you don't laugh at my voice on the phone
yes, I know it's horrible.

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