Love Poem 101

Prethi Rajendran 

Holding hands, a lazy stroll, 
Petrichor and your scent,
A heady mix, not yin and yang,
But the central dot.
Not day and night,
But the twilight.
Balancing the balanced,
Halving the halved. 
The edge didn't scare us.
Oh, we thought we were on the edge,
But it's circles we have been going around.
Headed for a fall off the edge, 
But the two radii met halfway through.
Sheltered within the eye of the storm, aren't we brave?? 
Did it scare us?? 
It felt home... That did! 
Butterflies in the stomach.
More like a cyclone.
Its epicentre our cores. 
Fates and fortunes,
Fables aren't they?? 
The day we met, 
Was it just a lucky misalignment of our perigees??
Faith and belief,
Morals and principles, 
Became mere letters, mere words, 
Chicanery was what I thought, 
But ignorant was what I was. 
Hands and hearts, 
Entwined by love. 
Our futures collide, 
Rather seamlessly unite,
Like the horizon without an end. 
Comets and wishing stars, 
We greet them as old friends. 
For all of us are stardust, 
And he my star. 

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