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Love Found Me

Sneha Asthana 

A silent night and twinkling stars
Make me see the healing of my scars
A slow walk and a subtle smile 
Why haven't I loved myself all this while?
A plethora of feelings I feel at once
Not one is of sadness, pain or grievance 
A feeling as fresh as mint
Emerges from the inside giving me a hint
A hint of falling in love with something 
A hint of falling in love with the way I sing 
Love saw new meaning for me
It took me beyond the boundaries I decided for me
My adrenaline with risks got higher
Every second absorbed in this feeling made me a better fighter
I sat down for a second to think 
Is this all crazy or in these feelings I really sink? 
My heart began beating faster 
With every breath, I became my own master 
Big eyes and lashes like those of a hornbill
Smell every scent with positivity that is filled 
My lips allow me only to speak the pure
While my heart still searches in me for things obscure
Tiny, warm hands feeling the love from your handshake
A big, tight hug to rid your body from the ache
I didn't know I could do so much just by being me
As I stand in front of a mirror, it's only the will to do more, I see
I take myself along everywhere I go now
I don't want to leave myself alone even for a second somehow
Living with all these emotions I was concealing
Then I realised saying 'i love you' to myself was the best feeling.


  • Very well structured. Keep writing

    Madhu Rani
  • Thank you everyone.

    Sneha Asthana
  • Wow!!! V beautifully written Sneha!! ???

  • Awesome!

    Nidhi Saxena
  • Thanks Pranav Jijaji

    Sneha Asthana
  • Nice poem Sneha! :)

  • Thanks a lot everyone. ?

    Sneha Asthana
  • Super!

    Kavya Saxena
  • Superb!

    divya saxena
  • Loved it !!!

  • Nice.

    Mitesh Raj Mathur
  • Beautiful lines…..waiting for the next one

  • Good rhyming structure and very nicely written.


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