Love at the Bar Counter

Charu Chandwani


It starts when at the counter you see

me press my lips against the wine glass.


You murmur in your head if you could bite those cherry juicy lips.

I hear you aloud, press my lips against that cherry, holding it just a little

longer, turn towards you while biting it off in half,

my lipstick stains three places now.

Wine glass, cherry, and your heart.


I look at you and wonder if I could just lick that cream cheese of your soufflé off your neck.

Flick like dandelion seeds the power of my desire wrapped quaintly between my legs.

This time it’s you, you hear me aloud and lead me on to that blue railing terrace.


The grip of your hand in mine makes my tongue salivate. 

If I should taste, I would taste your love right here at this turn of the staircase.


My sighs reach you and you scoop me up in your arms, reaching for 

my black pearl thong now wrapped with your long nimble fingers.


You set me down on that velvet 

sheet and don’t come right away.


You wait till I can no longer take it and then lock your lips with mine making stars collide in my mouth.

The swirl of your tongue, the rough grip of your hand 

on my bare thigh, your fingers finding the contours of my now arched back.


We kissed. 


I drop my head back to let the passion sink in when you take me unannounced, slip your fingers

inside of me, breathing first and then circling around my neck till I gasp and shout but you shut me up with a kiss so loud that I forget to breathe!


Your tongue finds a pathway to the clasp of my dress and breaks it open, you whisper 

‘my skin shines like a carpet of diamonds on the sea of goosebumps', ones you gave me.


Slowly and gently you cup your hand around my breast, fondle it,

lick it like your favorite ice cream.

And I bite my lip to your bite on my yearning nipple.


You lay me down and gaze at my apple red cheeks, glint in my eyes and

soft brown hair grazing my shoulder, caressing my collarbone.


You touch every inch of me like a breeze blows every sand grain

away from the shore, losing control, giving in.


Your eyes tell me I’m all you need and you’re gonna claim me tonight for

every second that we spent apart. 


With every second that your eyes met mine, you thrust, 

powerful at first, pulling my hair, your lips do the talking to my nipples,

and in between leaving a mark on my cleavage.

You reach for my neck and I am begging for a breather.

But you don’t stop and like a train with only 3 stops

you move your fingers and your tongue from my mouth, to my neck, to my breasts.


You stop with a gentle whisper like that of a 

victorious warrior, “You, are only mine”.


You took  me to a galaxy far away, where I am 

hanging delicately on a thread with end sealed

to insanity, other to ...DEATH.


Your love feels like resurrection and death, all at the same time.

Your love, which began at that bar counter ...


  • Umm, wow. That is the only word that seems apt to use for this beautiful poem. Lovely work.

  • Thank you Nivedita :)

  • This is so beautiful and lively

    Nivedita Shinde

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