Debonil Baruah

I can feel the 'minakari' of thanjavar temple, 
And its sculpture.
Speaking, my own tale of affection,
In its own way of antique love.


The love wave of tajmahal and its precise artwork ,
Engulf me with a splash of royal love from mughals.


The dignity of rajput, and the amour from padmavat,
Drenched my mind with vibes of true lines to my beloved.


A tale of maratha , and the fire of rao ,
Under the shadow of "mastani" chaos,
The voyage of winning love birds,
Inspire me to hold those hands tight and strong. 


My love will never end,
Like the way romeo and Juliet.
But it will  leave forever,
Like my own bimbisara and amrapali.


Love will always be cherished like shree krishna and radha,
And affection will always be worshipped like rukmini of dwarka.


Though I have to wait for ages like  shiva,
I will have my parvati,  but my first love will be captured as goddesh sati and her power.


You say love is easy,
But first fall for it,
There is a  culture to be learned ,
Not once, but in its vivid forms,
Like our history designed.


And then in time,
A tale will be remembered,
In the name of bravery, 
In the name of dignity,
In the name of true feelings, 
In the name of you and me.



  • Thank you so much guys. Your appreciation will be a treasure for me.!

    Debonil Baruah
  • Splendid! :)

  • Wow,it is so nice.keep writing.?

  • This is great bro. Keep writing! ?

    Sankalpajit Singha

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