Apoorva N

I tried saving my heart

His charm made it hard to resist

We both knew we were falling

He proved it when he kissed


Taking a deep long breath

“Make me yours.” I said

He gently squeezed my naval

And I collapsed on the bed

I spent that night next to him

Tasting those potion coated lips

I wrote our names on his back

With my trembling fingertips

His tongue touched my skin

And every touch awakened ecstasy

I let him see all the voids


And I pleaded him to fill me

I deliberately followed him

As he took me to a far-off place

My thighs clenched and I moaned

And his eyes reflected my flushed face

He ran his fingers through my hair

When I licked the sweat from his neck

He smiled and hugged me

I smiled back and gave him a peck


We looked at each other

And my body pined for his caress

I asked him if it was love

And he nodded his head “yes”


  • Thank you!!

    Apoorva N
  • Your narration paints the picture in my mind… Well written Apoorva N

    Nikita Takkekar
  • A beautiful imagery tossed in bittersweet reminiscence.

    Srija Kundu

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