Lost too Long

Alvira Nasir

In a broken world with wandering souls, 
I feel like an alchemist rendered redundant.
With questions in and around me, it is a jigsaw puzzle I cannot solve.
In this mad frenzy of finding out, is it possible if I go back again, that I get to the sky and disappear.
With a challenge to know everything about everything, will it be too much if I walk away.
And it has been a while that aspirations and dreams have become a headache.
Now that my laboratory is finally equipped, 
my hypothesis seems to fail me.
And I an uninspired scientist in vain trying to find the cure.
Somedays I feel I am not trying hard,
Others maybe too hard.
And the fact bewilders me as to how the journey that I thought lead to my destination, has failed to give joy.
And among roads untravelled and options undiscovered, I am an another dreamer, lost.


  • Nice description about mystery of nature

  • Aaaah! The deceptive simplicity of your words which are laden with meaning and emotions! Love them!

    Anushka Srivastava
  • Bravo! Leaving a valid truth is difficult. No matter the dream being unrealized, it seems to inspire courage and very much an attempt to convey aspiration.


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