Hair flows back like a black pool
Of space peppered with 
Stars here and there.
I've arisen from dirt and dust,
A bag of scarlet water 
Living on the offering of air
From ancient giants with many green-handed arms.
I bow before these life givers. 
The breath is such a fragile chain
Forget the in
And you're permanently out,
Pull the plug, escape the body,
Thousands die like flies.
Some other thousand bloom from lotuses with their 
Flickering fire breaths, 
Consuming oxygen with whale-mouths.
Open wide.
Black jaw crack. 
Stretching walls of stomach. 
Every day the scale tips and 
The earthen womb
Just a speck 
Amongst the churning galaxies, 
In the forever expanding black sea of nothingness.
And then you think of yourself as a big man.
The ego has ravaged your temple, such a barren land.
Demons dance here and you stand drinking
The elixir of thoughts and emotions that poison the mind,
Have you ever looked outside yourself?
Let them float like clouds, don't serve them tea
The hydra cannot be conquered, just let it be.
Stop fighting with the non-existent, a monster you have created and fed.
Just look at the smiling sun, radiantly looking upon the world.
Looking at the creation of the divine
With infinite intricacy that no logic can confine. 
Let the apsaras, Joy and Peace dance within you with their golden ghunguru,
For you and you're love ones are alive,
The planets remain in a harmonious orbit.
Absorb it all in.
Paper thin skin, adorned in snakes,
A new life has opened for me,
My stay here is only temporary.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Enjoyed reading your work! :)

    Vasvi Kejriwal
  • Very nice poetry

  • Very nice poetry ❤️

    Gaurav notta

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