Loneliness : My Life's Cruelest Irony

By Sona Khajuria

Loneliness... Isn't so lonely,

It has much more,yet to be discovered.

Multitudnous my definition of it.

Sometimes dearest to me,

other day ruining me inside.

A bridge it has formed,

swinging is me to and fro.


Normal is just an illusion.

What spider smiles over,

seems chaos for the fly.

It has much more to offer.

I have never been so lonely,

sadness keeps me alive.


I am lost...now i don't want to be found

. I knew exactly, how it feels to be left dying

. All i can see now,is a deaf crowd passing by

. No more i seek their attention,

I owns my world of madness.


My chaosy room,wind intrudes like a spy.

Fainted walls stares at me,

pouring sympathy from their eyes.

As i lay in my bed crying.

I have felt suicidal... dilemma of living or dying,

entangles me so often.


Something kills me inside so brutally.

I hid beneath the underlying world,

seeking refuge in my words.

Unbearable pain of mine...

gets diluted, when mixed with the ink.

Shedding my screamings then,

from every single vein.


My heart has so much to say,

but who listens?? People whom i befool...

Their helpless cure bothers me.

For they have suggestions,

And i have much smarter pretentions.


What seems terrible to them...

soothes me.

My solitude makes me fall asleep,

An addictive lullaby everynight it sings.

Why to become this lonely,

why to need others to console me.

Let it bleed...let it hurt.

Let my yearning,polish my heart.


Poetry my only refuge.

Very often i crawl back,

into my world of madness.

Curling my back to the

so called... loneliness.

I am alone, not so lonely.

Percieve it right...

For God's sake,don't ruin my choice.


  • Glad to hear that…Thankyou 😊 @Shivsena

    Sona khajuria
  • Grt , , , so purity in these lines

  • Thankyou so so much :) Shubhada… Thats really sweet to hear :)

    Sona khajuria
  • These lines are so intriguing sona…beautiful…so very relatable….Thank you…this poem is going in my poem diary..

  • Thankyou so much Kapil Singhal:)

    Sona khajuria
  • Don’t know much about poetry but this is so real, very beautiful and delicately done.

    Kapil Singhal
  • Thank you so much Sir ?? i am even more proud being your student ?

    Sona khajuria
  • What a vivid and true expression….. Proud of you……

  • Thankyou so much for such lovely comment…means alot #Pallavi_Dandamudi :)

    Sona khajuria
  • Perceive it right, don’t ruin my choice..
    It is so honest and I find it to be very relatable on a personal level. Love your choice of words.

    Pallavi Dandamudi

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