By Ananya Mishra

It's two blue ticks mocking,

With a Lucifer smile. 
An "I don't know" 
To a "what are we"
Feel it, touch it,
More real than 
The blood oozing out. 
Holding your own hand,
For warmth in the night 
Crying moonbeams. 
Estranged self and the 
Spaceships are empty 
Cardboard boxes again. 
Not darkness. 
The absence of somebody 
To share your light with. 
It's words. Without soul. 
And people. Without meaning. 
It's "nothing."
It's a "let it be."


  • Awesome .. keep writing .,.

  • What a beautiful poem. I can picture it in my mind. So lovely! The flow the discreption are all so wonderful! This has to be one of the best love poems I have read. Take care Ananya 💖
    Anish Mishra
  • The poem is touching . very touching I would say . Because only I can understand those words. You would wonder why ? Because i was there. You have done great kid. From a “what were we” to a “what are we”.

    Iron man
  • A good piece of work , the description is great

  • It’s amazing to read your lines which speaks the eternal truth.
    Your words has the power to make anyone alive.You deserve a round of applause ? .
    Keep Writing ,Keep Smiling.
    Happy Birthday ? .God Bless.

    Shubham Barange
  • Ananya…this is beautiful…I still remember the beautiful story you told me once,which you had written yourself…didn’t know you were brilliant with poems too….keep writing my friend…beautiful this is

    Ibin rigia
  • It’s absolutely beautiful. Congratulations bub?

    Simran Hora
  • It’s an absolute beauty!. ❤

    Shaurya Pandey
  • That’s soooo beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤

    Ocean M.
  • Awesome..Very well explained.

    Sunil shukla
  • I can see your journey ,
    I can see that ride,
    The by-product of your emotions,
    I can sense the pain that you hide.
    And the quest for peace is definitely your goal,
    You feel you’re tortured but in-fact ,
    you’re just a beautiful soul.

  • Perfection ❤️

    Swarnima Sharma
  • Beautiful piece of poetry ?❤️

  • Beautiful ❤️

  • Good one ?

    Talin Likha
  • Good one?

    Talin Likha

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