Little Red Riding Hood meets Big Bad Wolf

Reeba Reeba

I ran into the garden to find bliss
in lavenders and these small trips
And the traps that I always swore
I would never miss
Until I was part of a fight,
a battle which was not quite mine
A visit to my Aunt's place on a
Sunday and the dwarf tore at me instead.
And ever since then,
the Little Red Riding Hood
changed into the Big Bad Wolf.
I wore kohl ringed eyes
And a smile so thin
Anger that became quiet.
If you'd meet me in person
you'd be quite pissed.
I had learned to not exist
At 17, I held the lumber jack's hand
And he told me I completed him
I felt Golden and I liked his cosmos hair.
Large hands that could make things
but he broke me instead,
inch by inch, day by day.
I packed up and left the boy I loved
I decided to switch off
so I became a witch.
Wore laughter on my sleeves
Walked right into the heart of thieves
And laughed when they couldn't dare steal.
I saw a boy with curly hair on bridges from afar
I spoke to him of Sylvia Plath
Of how harsh a mild winter can feel
when the man you love can't find his way
back home to you.
And he said he knew I dreaded the winter now.
I knew that the gap between us could never be
At 3 am, we mourned his father together
And I wiped away at my eyes and his
I realised I had no spells, I was no witch
I told him that he could always sing and scream
And after we loved each other insane
We kissed goodbye,and still continue to exchange mail.

I met a stranger who had left home
 He drank with a friend
And his breath stunk
of the "elixir of life"
But it was just the
pungent smell from the knife
he used to carve people into beautiful things.
I caressed his head for as long as I could
We were living dead

I wiped off my bubblegum pink lipstick
Stick, stick.
The love never stuck,
So I wished him the best of luck
And tucked him away
He still begged
He bit his lower lip
And cautiously signalled
So I beheaded my least favourite personality
in one neat touch.

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