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Little Pleasures

Neha Mehta
 The little pleasures in life,
Which were once easily derived,
From the minimal things in life,
Those were the days, I wish could be revived.
Things were simple then,
Not much multi-tasking involved,
Each activity had its own significance,
Unlike mobile phones today, which have a dominance.
Smart-phones as they are rightly termed as,
Have made our lives easier & tasks quicker undoubtedly,
But still, I am reminded of the good old days,
When I miss that feeling incessantly.
That feeling of holding a pen or pencil in my hand,
Trying to carve out a beautiful handwriting,
That unconditional love in a hand-written letter or post-card,
That warmth of a hand-made greeting card.
For now, the only medium is keyboard & touch-screen keypad,
The outcome being printed papers all around the sight,
Our fingers have so gotten used to typing & clicking all the while,
That they no longer remember how to write.
Outings those days used to be a treat to the eyes,
As I would admire the sunrises & sunsets as nature’s art,
Capture the magnificent views in my eyes,
And save them as memories in my heart.
But that feeling of living in the moment, now I miss,
Coz when I look up at nature, there are mobile screens everywhere,
Waiting to capture the views with an in-built camera lens,
Rather than appreciating nature’s beauty in the true sense.
Going to restaurants was a thing, not usual,
Either on birthdays or anniversaries, it was occasional,
But whenever we went, the purpose was one,
That we relish our taste buds & have fun.
Nowadays, with the advent of social media,
Everyone’s in a race to update their statuses,
As if clicking photos & posting them is a vital matter,
Even before having the taste of what’s in your platter.
Happiness used to be a sentiment, a feeling, an emotion,
Not worthy enough to be measured,
Unlike today, the number of likes, comments, shares,
Which have managed to quantify even intangible affairs.

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