Like the birds

By  Manasth Jain

I could hear the birds

As I started to stare at the spilt coffee on my page.

Sometimes when we write the pages of our lives,

We reference only the mirage that is our impression of the future.

A powerful concoction of

All the pooled aspirations of the spirits around and within.


For a moment today I wandered off.

Like the birds.

Flying for the wind and not the eventual landing.

Not preying, nor fleeing.

Just flying!

There are a thousand and one reasons why

We should go about our day and

Ignore the whispers of these moody creatures.

Ah those wings! Flapping.

Seems to be without purpose

Yet they have such control.

Such clarity in their meandering deviations.

Galloping with the forces that are so beyond comprehension or recognition.


Are they here just to distract us?

Maybe they’re out there as nature’s expression of

True bliss. An essential lesson.

Maybe It’s a foolish thought but

I wonder,

Is wisdom nestled in the strangling quest of knowledge of the unknown?

Or is it in the fading knowledge of this beguiling dance?

Flapping and galloping in conjunction with

The indiscernible yet nourishing energy.

Blooming and booming with such divine harmony.




  • Wow!! Nice one!

  • Great Words !!💯

  • Profound..loved reading it!

    Samyak Singh

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