Like A Fool

By Chitpara Vashishtha

Mother, you were there with him
to catch me when my baby steps faltered,
you were there with him
when he slapped me for the first time,
you stopped him
but he didn't,
you tried to save me from him
but he was much more stronger than you,
He bribed me with Candies and Balloons,
and promised not to repeat it again,
Like A Fool
I believed him
that he wouldn't repeat
but that cycle wouldn't stop.
That monster in his eyes
which consumed him,
The guilt in his eyes
for what has he done again,
That suffocated me.
' You would be fine one day '
Mother, these words of yours
always gave me hope
always brightened my darkness,
Like A Fool
I believed you
' What have I done to have a child like you '
He said it once
It hurts,
much more than the bruises 
he gave me.
Mother, you witnessed this all
You didn't agree with him all the time,
but you never stepped up.
Many-a-times you told that
it's my fault
Like A Fool
I believed you
I tortured myself 
for the things
which are not punishable
which are meant to be solved 
by discussing and love,
Like A Fool
I still believed you
that one day 
everything would be fine,
Like A Fool
I still forgive him...


  • Thank you so much for your compliments Joyce and Arvind.
    I just wish whosoever read this just understand that if something like this has happened to them or someone else. Maybe there was a time when they felt they were weak but they are not, they are much more stronger than anyone can thought. They might feel alone but they are not because they have themselves to hold onto everything.

    Chitpara Vashishtha
  • I’m sorry that you’d to write this and thank you that you’ve written it.

    Arvind Chatterjee
  • Thanks Chitpara for sharing this. Poem clearly conveys the emotions of the tortured child. A sad yet profound write. Kudos to KSCF team for the great rescue operations and constant fight against child abuse.

  • Well, I had done a internship with Kailash Satyarthi’s Children Foundation. And while working with them I just don’t learn the horrors kids go through, I also learnt that they are just kids who haven’t done anything. They are simply starving for love. KSCF stands for child sexual abuse and child labour.
    So, while at that time I came up with scenario which is definitely different and most of the people don’t think it as a crime or the mental or emotional or physical pain a child go through. Somehow, I want to write something about it. And that’s one of the children’s biggest fear.

    Chitpara Vashishtha
  • Intriguing, what were your ideas behind writing this piece?


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