Once there was a man called DARIOUS,
Born in a family which is Virtuous,
Grew up well as Righteous.

Went to persue his education
To a place which is Fabulous,
There he met friends who are Humorous and Courageous,
Joined with them and
They started teaching all habits which are Atrocious,
They taught him that life is Adventurous,
If they only do Smoking,Alcohol,Gambling,Drug abuse and Sexual practice
He was addicted,
And became Grevious and Flagitious.

But then he grew up in a family which is Virtuous,
So they married him to a girl who is Gorgeous,
He was blessed with two daughters,
As the days went on things are done Simultaneous,
The daughters got attached to their Father,
He became there Enormous world.

But when the daughters reached there young age,
He was suddenly diagnosed with oral and liver cancers,
The health became more and more Deleterious,
And he was no more!!

The life was turned upside down,
The wife who was Ambitious,
About future was all vanished,
Children with there budding dreams and thoughts became Disastrous,
His parents became Hopeless,
The family was just ruined,
And they were no more Joyous..

(Self Destruction can lead to a dangerous trauma not only to the individual but also back on there family)


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