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Life in the Time of Corona

By Naina Pachnanda

Stuck in the confines of my home,

Dreaming of Florence and Rome,

Oops- Italy is totally banned,

Can’t even think of Singapore or Thailand!

Work from home is the ‘in thing’,

Never thought of the joy just going to office would bring!

Tired of binge watching Netflix most of the day,

Turn on the news to keep a tab on the chaotic affray,

Pumping in vitamin C to keep my immune system strong,

This epidemic seems never ending and prolonged

I want to go watch a movie but I can’t,

I want to shop at the mall, but I shan’t

Social distancing is a royal pain,

Missing my friends- badly need my mains!

Sending prayers to everyone around the world

To be safe in the midst of this crisis, which upon us, has been hurled.




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