Letter for you

Namitha Vinod 

Just two hopeless friends
Who walked an endless road,
Leading us through bends
Living in a world with time slowed.

Where the road lead us to
Neither of us knew.
Only noticed how the wind blew
And our hearts grew.

We bared our innocent souls
To a cruel lonely world
Linens of truth, filled with holes
And then, our universe curled.

We dreamt of bright lights
And songs with gentle parts.
Stars that lit up cold nights
That would warm lonely hearts.

Beaches with waves splashing in the sky
And sand in the rushing water.
Forests with rivers that never run dry
For when the days got hotter.

Butterflies floating on snow,
Daffodils growing in deserts
Creatures we don’t know
Who live in the wild outskirts.

The world worked in cruel ways
So it took us a while to see
The truth ached for days and days
‘Not everything was meant to be.’

So we gathered the soil in our hands
And buried our dreams in the ground
With weeds all around the lands
The tears fell without a sound.

Coloured skies and a broken heart
Seem all too familiar.
The world portrays pain as an art
And hope, the biggest liar.

We heard a forgotten tale
Of dreamers from long ago.
Their agony left a trail
And many others did follow.

The sky let fall the tears
And the Earth held her pain
Never could meet for all these years
So we called their sorrow ‘rain.’

They had me wondering
About you and me
The hurt came thundering
Like storms at a sea.

We went searching for hopeless glory
And ended up making a fuss.
If the sky and Earth read our story,
What would they call us?

They asked about these dreams of ours
And of how we both knew.
You looked for answers among the stars
I closed my eyes and saw you.

While you wished for oceans
Over which many birds flew,
My world stopped its motions
Because my oceans were you.

You couldn’t see it in my eyes
Under the skies of blue.
Even when you didn’t realise,
I still dreamt of you.

Although we are heartbroken
And all seems unattainable
There’s a truth not spoken
One that’s not explainable.

There will be many years
Of running and falling.
Endless amounts of tears
Thinking ‘It’s not your calling.’

Even if we fall down,
Even if nothing’s right.
Even without a crown,
We can still fight.

Even if there’s nowhere to go,
Even if it’s hard to cope,
Even when they all say no,
We can still hope.

When you lose everything you knew
And nothing is the way they seem,
Even if it doesn’t come true,
We can still dream.

Some might move on,
Others stay a little longer.
The sun breaks at dawn
And you get a little stronger.

There are the ones long gone
Who say, ‘Not all dreams come true.’
But I’m the one who held on
So now I say, ‘Yes. But some do.’

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