Let's taste stars, together

Kirti Pherwani 

I am not go-to-mall and hang out kind of person.
When I am in love; 
I am gonna make you taste stars.

Sleep under the tree shade.
Spend nights watching moon.                                           
And talk about life and death.
I would rather kiss you hard ,than just having sex. 
I would want to know you, 
inside and out, like there is no covering of skin.
So why don't you come;
let's be naked, 
let our souls do the silent words. 

show me what your heart holds, 
the way your thoughts moulds.

Hug me,
so I can feel your warmth,
and I promise to lock you inside my arms.
Show me those scars,  
and tell me the stories behind it.
I want to know,                                                                    
why didn't you go to the pool when you were six?
I want to know,                                                                   
would like to be a bird in next life                                         
or do you even believe in it?
We could be birds and fly high, 
or be a moth and die.

So open up and let me enter,
And I would do the same.
So there is no you or me that remains.


  • Beautiful!

  • Beautiful! ✨❤️

    Avisha Sogani
  • spiritual

    Rahul Ahuja
  • spiritual

    Rahul Ahuja
  • That’s beautiful!

    Deepa Vanjani
  • Such deep thought?
    I like it??
    Keep going girl?

  • Wow amazing!

    Nitisha Agrawal
  • Proud of you ❤️??

    Mayank Pherwani

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