Let me go back a little

Fatima Ambar Rizvi

to our first glance, 

our first smile,

first meet,


we have walked miles and miles in love before we depart, 

but for a little more time let us stay.

And then we shall meet in our memories until we meet again.

Please, let us be ! 


Let me go back a little.. 

to our first hug,

our first touch,

first kiss,


You are everything I need and everything I will ever want, a destination for my thoughts, a sedative to my heart. 


Let me go back a little..

to our first talk, 

our first laugh,

first tears,


I have the best when I have you,

I see the worst when you look away.

I can be the art to your sketch,

so let me be the shades of your grey.


Let me go back a little..

to our first drive,

our first stop,

first step,


You are the summer breeze that warms my heart, you are the colour that fills my art.

A sound that stills the chaos in my heart, 

a fragrance that calms the butterflies, wild.


Let me go back a little..

to our first promise,

our first plan,

first swear, 


I will be the sugar to your coffee because thats all you need,

I can be the strongest foundation of your masterpiece.

I am the hug that you will always hold,

and a blush that shall never fade.


Can i be the hope that perches in your soul? 

Please, let me be!

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