Leave the blade

Eileen Kerketta

As I mourn and weep in midnight,
my body turns cold and hugs the gloomy darkness.
My mind is numb and lips are dry,
Holding a blade, I drown in obscure sadness.
I keep thinking with eyes full of tears,
and cut my arm with the vicious blade and forget fears.
I bleed and bleed until the pain is gone,
then I wipe my blood with evil eyes
and bizarrely I feel reborn.
Is physical pain in resonance to an emotional pain obliging?
echoed my fragile heart.
I superficially knew after this heinous sin was done,
demons happily pat me and depart.
What happens next when I come back to my senses?
I feel psychotically stupid as the hallucination dispenses.
Someday I want to get rid of this drug,
and embrace my solicitous aid.
But why am I reluctantly hypnotized when my heart screams,
Leave the blade! Leave the blade!


  • Amazing

  • Very heart touching poem… Actually it’s difficult to express that situation but u did…when I’m reading this i felt like I’m in that situation… Wonderful🙏🙏☺️☺️

    Sanju reddy
  • Wonderful 🤩


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