Calling all poets. Submissins are open for Wingword Poetry Competition!

Land Of Love


What if the world had all blacks?
No bigotries and white albino shams.
A globe fantasized with mirabilia,
Where humanity is an utopia!

Those rooted unicorns with daffodils
are hued dark but freed from evils.
Bees humming the hymn of love
and religious fanaticism is filtered.

Definition of the God is not available,
yet none of the souls are vulnerable.
Castles under the waves of the oceans
along chivalrous code unless burials!

Giant firefly is a whiz masquerade,
to eclipse tears and a jovial embrace.
Dragons are an implicit scholars
as they authored immortal morals.

Men and women wear skirts
because who knows the lame smugs!
What if the land always shed blood?
De facto it’s an Elysium where warmth buds.

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