Lady in Pudum

Tana Poppy Isabella

Vivid is the day I saw her silhouette
There she sat puffing pipe languidly
Unsure and terrified were my little feet
Roaring whimper, famished heart, yes, I had

She saw me, yes, she did,
Or may be not, yes, she saw me indeed

She turned around and smiled
Pulled my bamboozled heart
Make no mistake, I sat beside
Furtively I tried reading her face

Scars narrating saga,
Drunk fist around one eye
Flaunting her missing incisors, she smiled
Oh, what an aesthetic beauty she was

We exchanged no questions
My rattling heart found its room
Woods comforted us,
Moonlight dumped sorrows

Why did I come here?
O, there’s blood in her hands..

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