L for Love

By Pranati Choudhary

I finally feel how it feels, when something kills you inside.

You think of dying, but you know what, you already died.


All the inspiration, motivation, killed.

It wasn't betrayal, but it was something devilish, yet so sweet filled.


Insecurities and dirt filled in a mind.

Allegations, lies and demoralizing is all what is done and you have more to find.


Self-esteem, ego and attitude, is all what lies inside your pot.

Blaming others for the evil inside you, is all what you have got.


Being in pain doesn't mean you'll give it to another,

Because giving happiness is so out of your league, and you are good in making pother.


Well, this is what falling in love for me is,

You might feel, you are happy but it's all a frizz.


  • The scariest moment is always just before you start.
    You start superb dear Pranati.
    Tears are words that need to be written and you did it very well.

    Rahul Dubey
  • Beautiful expression!!!!

  • Dear Pranati je,
    Salute to your thought. You looking narrow but your thought is so broad. Be happy & go forward forever.


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