Charvi Gupta

This endless labyrinth makes me sad
Alaska asked herself, when will I get out of this labyrinth
Her suffering I did not understand, but maybe I do now
The two roads that diverge in the woods, yes I do not see where do they lead
I know I must choose but this is all that the labyrinth is about, I stand here today trying to choose one of the two roads unclear to me, yesterday I was on two different roads altogether
Tomorrow I know for sure, I will have other roads in store
As I lay on my bed, thinking of what choice to make I feel a little drowning as it has been days I've not risen from the constant sadness. I feel myself drowning into the sea
Not stopping for a moment, drowning deeper having no control.
As I drown deeper I know there is no end, that in this labyrinth I must live and conquer
But how do I know how?
I know I must follow my heart but as the drowning suffocates me, the blue around my heart makes it dizzy
It is a point where it too isn't too clear to express to me it's desire
Oh what do I choose, when I have cold feet already
Is this where I must conquer?
Is this where I belong?
I know I cannot know until I am exposed
But I still am too scared to touch my desires as I fear they might change me into what I do not desire of
I know I could still delve more, deeper into a different desire, that it's okay to spend some time exploring something I realise later that I mustn't
The choices that we make define us, they told me
But how do I make a life altering choice based on just assumptions because what the future my choice holds I cannot know

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