July 7th 2012

By Zenzen Terhűja

My life began to fall apart so instantly
the moment the train moves
saw how someone without peace in life looks like
I couldn't watch her waving a goodbye without tears filled eyes.
Leaving her standing rather than sited behind was undeniably hurtful
I turn back and forth knowing the fact that i am actually leaving a fragile heart
so to make sure i would come back and find it in the same place i left behind.
I don’t believe such fade exist in my life but this day, I began to strongly feel faded
It must be true really,
I never believe in coincidence either for they actually don’t give me any hope
Yet never doubted love.
I sat down watching every other passenger, trying to study their faces in self-pity situation,
if anybody is ok too
comforting my poor soul holding her picture in my hand
memorizing all her favourite things
this must be true, 'Love hurts'.
Who knows to where my destiny leads me now, for i am confused and bittered with myself
not keeping my promises but breaking them instead
friends use to say i have so many egos
now i know what it means, selfish.
pain, she will endure her whole life but to heal she need someone
most precious failure to give her anything she deserve from me
I realized my life didn't fall apart
Her's did.



  • Thank you Shiney E.Miracula😊
    Thank you Sonu Priya😊

  • A good introspective poem 👍

    Shiney E. Miracula
  • I took this to heart as I faced it too!


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