Journey Within

Joshua Anglo

From the mundane life, walk out.

Visit some new place;

May be, a place where no one knows you and you know no one.

Let life travel inside out.


Travel by air, rail or any other mode.

Just enjoy every moment of the road.


Roll down the windows and breathe some pure air.

Take off your shoes and walk on the grass.

Lie down under the stars.

Experience life beyond self-created bars.

Know new people and realize person’s inner beauty

Share your and listen to someone’s story

Wake up to the early dawn and be amazed by nature’s glory

Take time to appreciate the shades of creation

Let clouds touch your skin, let go all apprehension


Explore places around

Learn something new, something profound

Try adapting yourself to the new place

On your face, you will discover a new grace.


Relish some new taste

Time with oneself is never a waste

We lose our solace living in Haste


You will know the meaning of belonging

When you embrace everyone with whole Heartedness

To your journey it imparts fondness.
Of all the journeys one takes in their lifetime,

The most reflective is journey within.

Yourself, better you will know.

Abundant horizons on you shall glow.

In life’s journey, let your footprints grow.

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  • Nice work. Keep it up.


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