Journey of Love

 Shreya Thukral

In the teensy weensy town of her heart, 
A fresh feeling was blossoming every hour.
With butterflies tickling her senses, sipping nectar from her heart,
The feeling of having someone was making her irresistibly smile and laugh. 
The glow on her face was perfectly reflecting in his eyes
And she shone in excitement for going on a date for the first time.
It was showing up in her slowered speed in deciding,
What to wear and how to make it in time? 
She had met him just a couple of times 
And her heart knew that she had found the right guy. 
With every meeting their affection was growing
And she knew they radiated happiness that was showing.
With him around everything felt afresh and new 
And with every conversation they poured in their hearts without realizing how time flew.
The only time the chatterbox was left with no words was 
When she had caught him admiring her off guard.
His admiration was making her blush 
And she knew her garden of love was turning lush. 
With growing conversations they could feel the symphony of their souls
And they wanted to be together a little longer to discover each other a little more.
The glossy pages of her thoughts were painting shades of innocent love 
And the merriment of his thoughts were driving her crazy that she felt like a kindergarten girl.
She sensed the sensual thoughts gripping her 
And dipping her in desires that were unfamiliar and unheard.

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