Journey Of A Lifetime

A daunting road through the hills
Chilling air caught off to kill
My spine, that was enough jittery, like last time
And with no roadmap, even more sublime
I begin this Journey through your heart 
Splurging zero nickel and zero dime.
Everything imperfect in this perfect setting
Has it's way down south, where secretly dwells
Your childhood sweetheart. 
Resisting massively, how I ended up meeting her, 
In all her glory and in all her charm, baffles my calm
A spot she firmly acquires, that only firsts are priveleged to admire
Cause firsts happen only once. 
That profoundly explains her sordid presence.
I head off to places growing darker than the last time, 
Though flowers of your passion twinkle on the side
The middle ground still is crashed with cries
Of loss, resentments and honest mistakes that hurt, 
I pluck the flowers from the side and lay them
All over the ailing ground
In hope to ease your bleeding wound.
About hours of travelling in circles, I spot an ocean
bend towards its deep ends to confirm it's a mirage
Startled I skip several heartbeats
To find lengths and lengths of me
Gushing in the ocean of Glee, where
Waves ape my laughter, and skies echo my name...
So deep that you'd never run out of me!
Cause lasts always run deeper than the sea.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 


  • Superb write up !

  • Marvellous

    R K Shukla

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