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Vijay Kiran

Coveting what I don't have
Despising what I don't need
Seething, impotent anger
bubbles inside me
Thwarted desires drive me to madness
Charred black heart, I babble, rancorous
Inability debilitates into decadence
It's time you beheld my arrogance.

I want the flowers in your garden
to wither in the vitriol within
Trade shoes, feel my burning soles
I'll stoke the embers, ignite your soul
And if I can't burn with my deeds
I shall hang the whole world by the feet

Discarded like a thorn
Beaten down by the worst
Weathering contempt and scorn
An unquenchable thirst
I've been maligned, so they shall taste
Unbridled malevolence, lay them to waste

Spurned me you have
and now the apology?
Sparked my ire, planted you, the seeds
and now rejecting the fruits, are we?
Watch and weep, where this leads
lays frigid vengeance, unwilling to cease

Come to terms with what you are, you say?
I'd rather watch the universe disintegrate
And if you don't hurt, then I shall turn
to myself, cut my wrists and watch the blood burn
a hole in the ground and poison the Earth
Turn this place into my personal hearth

A life of it's own, it shall take
From every pore, it shall emanate
If I don't get my way, you shall see
That I'll make the world just like me

Hate yourself so much, you ask?
What can you do about it?
You're not up to the task!
The flames that flourish inside me shall scorch
The very skin off your bones,
as I glow bright like a torch

You will stop me, you say?
Watch me turn my fury into ice cold rage
Bury it deep within me, course through my veins
Where unseen it will remain, hiding in wait
And as you turn, raise your hand in victory
I shall strike and make you just like me

What do you hunger for, you ask?
My true face to be seen
now that I don this mask
Of acrimony untethered
I shall remain unweathered
In the fires of hell, I shall bask

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