Is she a monomaniac?

By Niharika Srivastava

A sudden breeze asked her hairs to turn around
Nobody she can see but a only physique
Her legs seemed up from the ground
Yes she felt a emotion that was unique

A glitter in his eyes took her soul
She couldn't ponder or sway
May be she forgot all her goal
Visit to a world out of her way

She expected to be smiling and mirth 
Withal not pleasures but she got agony
He was not the one who valued her worth 
But someone who called her feelings an irony

The same gesture the same feel
But a different person a different him
She is scared to move around the wheel
The experience she carries makes her mim

An unimaginable dream came to her night
She cannot afford to be a part of misery 
Where she hold his arms so tight
Yes, her sensations are inside the artery

Not again Not anew she cried very hard
Destiny has planned or god's will
She is on no road to step forward
Going to a direction catching hill

Feared to fall she closed her eye
While walking upon she saw nothing
This is how she is hauling since aye
A day of love yet she is waiting 


  • Beautiful

    Akshita Pareek
  • Thanks @Anushka….

    Niharika Srivastava
  • Wow… Love this poem


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