Is it just me?

Yashika Gera 

Is it just me
With caged words
Trying to set them free
Is it just me
Who feels obscure
But thinks that it's okay to be
Is it just me
Who is trying to climb
Unable to overcome this scree
Is it just me
Or do you feel it too
When yourself you're trying to be.
If yes, have you ever felt lost
Feeling like
This road is taking you to frost
But these steps you cannot halt
Even after knowing
That this may turn out to be your fault
Trying to follow this intuition
But following your heart
Is for you a stronger devotion
Do you feel it too
Or is this just a strange notion…
If you do, I feel
Our hearts are quite indifferent
And our minds too
Maybe found quite incandescent
With words untold
Trying to prevent our minds
To fit in society's mold
Living in our own worlds
Our passions are the gems which cannot be sold
We are small chandeliers
Even though for this society we may not be so bold
Not familiar with the ruthless veils
Which as of now have become so old
But winter is when we introspect
So let's let this world turn cold
Yet to our words
We the children of earth are going to behold
As our words together can act
As a shield to protect us all
From these notions too old.

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  • Beautiful

    Bhawna Sachdeva

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