Shreen Nidhi

My favorite time of the day has arrived-
That exact moment when darkness engulfs light
and the night sets in smugly.
With a disoriented head 
intoxicated with the smell of your thoughts
I laid on the ground
looking at stars as they appeared one by one. 
I don’t know what I’m trying to be, 
but for you, tonight 
I’ll be the poet singing your poetry.


The wind swept through the earth’s surface elevating dust particles,
including me.
And I was blown into this hurricane
which was you.
Why can’t you be less beautiful for once
So that let me be dust,
peacefully blown away by the wind for eternity.

I can admire the way your jeans wrinkle behind your knee,
while you walk
and recognize you from any distance far
and listen for hours of you talk.
Make me the little kid, terrified of the sea and laugh
like the waves
concealing my reality.

I fall every day over the same thing and you
you pull me down
like gravity.
It never fails to get me back up again
but it won’t let me free.

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