Into The Wide Blue Yonder Sea

Anushia Ningthoujam

Away I go, sailing into the wide blue yonder sea
in the midst of my mind on display,
where nowhere feels like home.
The sky sights the golden light
of warmth and love that holds me and my sister;
in the blurry pages of choices our mother made to raise us.
The fleeting battle ashore -
What a terrible thing to be a girl in this world!
A callow youth, full of strange oaths
wallowed up in the illusion of goodness,
Alone in the deep sea of her tears, starved during her pregnancy;
her world was destroyed.
Like a lifeboat hovering,
between the vague montages of choices
she moved forward.
Underneath this calm and solemn sea lies the buried wounds,
heaved up to crack.
If you look closer, you will notice -
the bruises and the scars,
That she tries to hide.
As I grew up,
the display on my mind got more vivid.
From the depth of my despair,
where my world fell apart
silences inside me, yet to unravel.
The memories etched into my mind,
huddle up like a thunderstorm, yet to crack.
Why do you let people take you for granted?
Why do you wait to fight back?
Why do you bury away your pain?
The waves of aching questions collide offshore, ceaselessly.
Perspective is inescapable,
too rare that people will admit to hurting you.
From the other’s eye,
you will only be shattered pieces of neglected rocks in the shoreline.
But if there is a promised land
between the sea and the land,
I will hang on, keep on moving;
I will look around, give them a show,
by the path I have chosen to follow.
An endless pattern, I swear to break!

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