Nivedita Baraily

Our bodies make music.
It rises and falls in a beat.
It harmonises perfectly with each other,
It needs no language to communicate,
It has no complexities.
It justs ebbs and flows,
Like ocean that never ends,
Like space that doesn't have a beginning,

It makes music that pleases the soul,
Wrapped up in one scale and several pitches,
Wrapped up in silver and gold,
It dissipates energy, like the sun
It's uneven, like the moon,
It's not within the range of A major or tetrachord,
It's not extraterrestrial too.
It just is...
Intertwined like plants in wilderness.
It's in harmony, it creates balance.

And it, makes music...

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  • It’s peaceful, yet complex… Love your work.

    Dr. Kahini Dutta

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