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Inner voice of Nirbhaya

By Shruti Gupta

Scars, blood and ruptured hymen, 
Wounds are drilling me.. 
Externals are publicized but internals no one can see, 
'I am raped ' lost my sane! 

My soul is pining, 
My heart is dying.. 
I am broken inside! 
Full of agony, anguish and pain.. 
My life is drained due to this blood rain.. 
"I am raped " lost my sane! 

Were they men or beasts!
My cries couldn't stop atleast..
Brutualism is killing me every second, 
For every women this is a becon.. 
"I am raped " lost my sane !

Justice is my only call, 
I won't be blamed because I don't have balls.. 
Grief, anger will burst in rage, 
I want my culprits in a worse stage 
"I am raped'  but now in sane 
#inner voice of nirbhaya and many more...


  • Heart touching lines Shruti..
    Not everyone can write like this to change the words into feelings….
    Keep it up…
    Continue it..
    Shruti Gupta👍

    Jagdeep Chandela
  • Make those beasts guilty for their inhumane nature….
    Nice poetry… Shruti

  • Amazing, heart touching poem

    Jyoti kamti
  • Go ahead.. Such a nice lines.. ❤️❤️


    Shruti sah
  • Wonderful lines….keep writting such beautiful lines….

    Kumar saurabh
  • Its totally amazing beautiful lines , keep writing , keep motivating

    Sakshi gupta
  • Awhhhhh…….. #speechless ❤ ❤ ❤…… #nowords #respect….. ?

    Sudha Mehta
  • Beautiful lines of Emotions

  • Such a beautiful poem didu
    I feel proud to uh??

    Saloni singh
  • Pallavi
  • Got triggered.?

    Amritansh Dixit
  • Nice one shruti..
    Very Well Written ?
    Proud of you?

  • proud of you girl ❤

  • Very nice, heart touching poem, keep it up.

    Mool Narayan
  • Amazing one…?
    I so loved it …keep it up

    Aprajita pandey
  • Nice one shruti… ❤
    Keep writing

  • nice one….

    harish verma
  • Awesome poem
    Very emotional lines Shruti…….

    Mohammad Amir
  • Very well writen , just after womens day ❤️ Inspiring one

  • Very good i m proud of u…

    Shimpy sharma
  • The line of the poem are touch my heart ..great work Shruti #keep writing

  • Loved each line, it felt live i can feel the pain of her.
    And sure do everyone who read it.
    #BestInEnglish as always @shruti

    Subhashish singh
  • The rhyme of of the poem are very good and and line are very heart touching which make complete sense

  • The rhyme of the poem is exhilarating. Extremely touched, sensed, and amazed.! Great Job Shruti Gupta?. The beasts should be dumped for their black deeds.

    Prakalp Prakash
  • Best poem….

    Full of emotions…



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