I have breathed in the scent of my village,
I have felt it grow with me.
My mornings began with the stream gurgling at my feet,
And the temple bells beginning my lessons.
Pleasures were quite a few,
Running along the narrow lanes with spare tyres,
Or stealing a mango from the neighborhood courtyard, 
Marbles, toffees and lollipops were a satisfying bargain.
The wheat fields were our gold,
The rice fields shone like pearls.
The sun was known to dip into our village’s pond,
And our nights were spent looking for it, while we learnt to swim.


The storyteller at the corner of the road, created fantasy,
Teachers defined reality,

Grandparents encourage religion;
And I fell in love with every sun that peeped through the horizon.


I have felt my village.

I have had it in my heart long enough to put it on canvas;
Today the art remains,
waiting for this dreary traveler to escape into it.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianness'

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  • this is so so so well written! your creativity amazes me.


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