Indian Culture

By Anu Priya


Indian culture is unique and good.

It can be easily understood. 
Indian culture originates from sanskrit.
It follows the ideals of saint's manuscripts. 
It teaches us to be unite.
In problem hold your friend's hand tight.
Indian culture is epitome of love and grace.
Tradition of saree and jwellery adds attraction on face.
We Indian get blessings while touching feet.
The teaching of mother to child that dear never cheat.
Indian culture gives us the fragrance of knowledge. 
It signifies the meaning of college.
The teaching of father says do hardwork and you will win.
The teaching of priest says in life don't do sin.
Here is a heaven in offering prayers to God.
The sweet voice of mother add peace to soul.
Festivals are our culture's heart.
They bring relationship together which are apart.
Indian culture is full of different religion.
It Is full of beauty of region.
Indian culture shows love which is divine.
We Indians are dedicated to temples and shrines.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • So true!

  • Nice expressions :)

    vaibhav rikhari
  • Nice!


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