In search, until when?


Everyone is born with an identity,
Then why according one to a women for the world is an adversity

Only identification they acquire is from the relationships they hold,
Motive behind their existence is to fit the every possible mould

They are known to be
Caring daughters,
Loving sisters,
Obedient wives,
And affectionate mothers,
With no clue of their individuality how they feel, no one bothers

Peeping out the boundaries of this biased world,
Breaking stereotypes
Marking their individuality,
They wing their potentials to sky like kites

Already facing strains,
To balance in and out of the household
Brutish world gazing every moment
Defaming their being,
Discouraging their effort,
Making them realize, their freedom of identity is long way sold

Do we still call it a society undisputed?
Where men enjoy harmonies and women still muted
Gear up to bring the real equality
Where women no longer have to struggle for maintaining their identity


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