In Love With You


Do you remember the day I laughed with you? I do.
The sun kissed my forehead
And the waves embraced my feet.
My soul danced in the summer wind like it was spring.
And just like the autumn leaves slowly touch the earth,
I reached out to touch your lips.
Because I was falling in love with you.
Do you remember the day you walked away? I do.
I discovered that the universe didn’t appreciate perfection,
And that time was broken.
I asked the clouds to deliver to you a letter
They rained on me instead.
So I begged the wind and the dust,
Because I was so in love with you.
Do you remember the day you wept on my shoulder? I do.
I wanted to hold your heart close
Knowing that it was an icicle through mine.
I knew my soul longingly embraced yours,
While you stared at the darkest horizon
Longing for the girl you loved.
Because I was hopelessly in love with you.
Do you remember the day I tore you apart? I do.
I left you standing alone in the dark.
You bled and you thought I wasn’t worthy of your trust.
But I was scared and I wanted to keep loving you,
So I drove you away, away to another land,
Where I would be incapable of hatred and you would be a prisoner of my love.
Because I was irretrievably in love with you.
Do you think in a parallel universe we are a world of our own? I do.
Composing love.
An image of your smile, in the shadow of your soul.
And dancing with you, sands in our toes, to the music of the sea and the wind.
Listening to your heartbeat, my head on your chest.
That music fest we never went to,
The trip we never took,
The pool we never skinny-dipped in,
The million kisses we never had,
And the lazy Sunday afternoons we never spent bingeing our favorite shows.
Oh, I find ecstasy in this madness
Of dreaming beautiful lies, entwined with you.
Because, darling, I am still falling in love with you.


  • Thank you so much, babanjot.. :)

  • Gawdd…. I just don’t know what to say….its so amazing… was dark but a light was still there….a different face of love we all try to avoid….u have shown that side nd its beautiful….so beautiful ❤️


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