In betweens

By Advait Naik

Is it just me or does everyone my age seem dead inside?
Lost in thoughts, they wander with an uncertain stride
And I see depressed teens by the dozens on the pavement
Some of them wear it like a fashion statement 
It seems to grow on them faster then their beards do
And they hide behind it because of societal behavior experts like you
Because It is difficult to come to term with the feeling that
You are just ordinary and nothing special off the bat
That you will just live chasing money and attention
And die with a healthy dose of stress and hypertension
But no one is to blame for these times
There's nothing interesting happening 
Because we didn't have no world wars to fight
And no great depressions to witness (except the ones in our heads)
We didn't have no renaissance and no dark ages
We are the in betweens
We are somewhere between tuxedos and pyjamas 
Somewhere between the urban and the rural
We are the middle men of eras, stuck between nostalgia and déjà vu 
We are just unpaid interns at adulthood inc
So give us time
To get into the right frame of mind
Give us space
To get the right pace
So don't take a wrong stand
Because you can't understand
That we are more about finding purpose at this age
Then looking for a salary package


  • Cool shizzz bro

    Tarushi Kelkar
  • How I suddenly believe that people shouldn’t be judged by their appearance from the outside. This is so much more

  • Amazing! ?

  • Wow. I couldn’t agree with more with the sentiments you express. Great spoken word piece.

  • “Is it just me…” that starting got me like!
    Amazing way to pour them feelings out Advait. Good work :)

  • Thank you Meghna for these encouraging words! Yes I did get a chance to perform at an open mic once and it proved to be quite a challenge at the beginning but I got around it.

    Advait Naik
  • Hey there, Advait! What you talked about through your poetry, I feel, is a very important issue that should be addressed more often. Indeed, our generation is that of ‘in-betweeners’. I believe this poem would sound just as brilliant if performed. Hope you get the chance to do that soon. Congratulations and best wishes :)

    Meghna Nair

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