In a moment

By Bhavya Sinha

In a moment of you
Brisk yet breathing,
I ask:
Why , when , how and such interjections 
I hurl , slow.
You speak low ,
Asking if I need some wine.
In a moment of me,
Prolonged and living 
I say:
I do need intoxications 
To blame my words on
And you ,
To question me 
When I speak sane.
In a moment of you,
Brisk and fading
I panic :
What is it that I do?
What is it that appeals to you ?
You lean , Oh don't. 
I don't want memories 
of promising not so sober eyes.
In a moment of me
Prolonged and speaking 
I try:
Leaning in too,
Kissing , staring.
I can't ill afford to not see
For I'll pen it down someday.
In a moment of you
Brisk and vague
I capture:
Feeling your skin , 
breath and lips
Your lashes brushing against my cheeks
Shadowing / Foreshadowing. 
In a moment of me 
Prolonged and inked
I stay:
My interjections answered 
Never in words 
In wine,kisses and not so sober 
promising acts.


  • This is so beautiful! ❤

    Tanya Sinha
  • This was so amazingggg (^_^)

  • It’s beautiful

  • Beautiful ❤️

    Zoha Hasnain
  • Totally alluring creation

  • This is so beautiful!??

  • :’( pyaar ❤

    Bhavya Sinha
  • Thank-you sab bache log??❤ couldn’t be more grateful

    Bhavya Sinha
  • I can doubt myself for a moment, but never your talent for slam poetry. It couldn’t be more exquisite.

    Rukman Banka
  • Beautifully written! The last lines moved me

  • Beautiful :’)

    Dishani Goswami
  • You write Beautifully ?

    Vanshita Raj
  • Bacha, So proud ?

  • Beautiful ❤️

    Hanan Bhat
  • This poem moves like music. Soothing and tantalising to the ears.

    Brinda Sarma
  • This is gripping and gorgeous//
    Moves like art?

    Raj Tekwani
  • The use of imagery makes your poem so beautiful. ❤❤
    And the last line ????


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